Update spring wardrobe for Russians rests on finances

In the spring, more than ever, I want to change something: personal life, hairstyle, figure or wardrobe. How pleasant it is to throw off the coats and down jackets that are annoying over the winter and put on a new, trendy outfit. The portal “Women's Opinion” decided to find out how Russian women are preparing to meet spring, and conducted a social survey: “Do you plan to update spring wardrobe?”.

44.8% of the fair sex in Russia answered that they did not yet know whether they would update their wardrobe. Everyone has a desire, but will there be financial opportunities ... The problem is that clothes and shoes should be bought for other family members, and these are no small expenses. "Daughters need a raincoat or jacket, husband shoes in the spring, in short, hold on to the purse," women smiled sadly.

23.7% of Russians said that the wardrobe by the spring requires a mandatory update, and they have already begun to do this. These women have already viewed fashion magazines, got acquainted with the latest collections of famous designers, chose the right styles. It remains only to go shopping and make the final decision. "With the onset of the season I try to buy 2-3 new things in order to improve my mood and just look good," some of the ladies explained. “And I just want new clothes. So I’ll go to update,” added others.

17.2% of women said resolutely that they would buy new clothes, but not now, but as soon as the sun warmed. The incentive for them is not a calendar spring, but a warm sun, drops and streams.

7.5% of Russian beauties reported that they are people of "mood". This category includes respondents who never plan to buy new clothes, but buy spontaneously: they saw, liked, bought. “Well, how can you plan to update your wardrobe? Things need to be bought when you see something attractive and interesting, and there is no need to go looking for it on purpose,” said the ladies.

6.8% of respondents answered that their wardrobe does not need updating. Some women clarified that they themselves can remake the old thing so that everyone will think that this is just another update. Honor and praise to Russian needlewomen, who not only always look fashionable themselves, but also sheathe children, and never forget their husbands, and keep the family budget.

All the representatives of the weaker sex want to update their wardrobe by spring, and only their financial position is limited.

3590 people took part in the survey. Age from 20 to 45 years. From 168 cities of Russia.

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